Free Comic Book Day France

Friday 31 July 2020

Maybe you saw it on the 4th of July during Free Comic Book Day?
An ad is hiding in the comic book VISIONS, alongside Josselin Billard, Laurent Lefeuvre, Rackham Le Roux and the duo Alan Moore - Juan José Ryp.

Can you guess?
The answer is YES! STIGMA has found a publisher and it's happening at Komics Initiative!

Under the direction of Mickaël Géreaume since last summer, we have wisely kept the secret to strike hard this year through four exclusive pages in the form of a teaser like in the movies. Unlike a preview, the panels are accompanied by a tailored text, but above all - the most exclusive - one of them won't appear in the album (and I won't tell you more about it).

Click on the picture.
Enjoy reading!
[Sorry, only in French]

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