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Happy Valentine's Day!
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FCBD France + Teaser
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Soon Angoulême…
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Happy New Year !
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Sketch Aydan

The story


Comic | Mature | Science-fantasy

STIGMA is a love and friendship story built on an allegory of depression. Living among technologically advanced ruins and a medieval present, it all starts with Aydan unearths a Shadow...

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The Author


Swiss | short-sighted | burger-French-fries-pizzavore (and a lot of other things)

Passionate about comics since I was very young I wanted to become an electronician in Australia, because Yoko Tsuno was my heroine and because Tintin had never had any adventures in Oceania. But that was without counting my unshakeable love for Johan and Peewit and the deep sadness that my favourite series would not have any continuation.

Thus, what was originally a kitsch sequel to Johan and Peewit changed course over the years, gathering experience along the way and new influences to become STIGMA (and I still live in Switzerland).

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