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The story


Comic | Mature | Science-fantasy

Living among technologically advanced ruins and a medieval present, Aydan’s body and mind are host to a shadow, their cooperation gradually sinking her into an exceeding malaise.

The Author


I am a comic book author and Swiss illustrator, born on September 10, 1987 in Geneva. After a Maturité (Bac) in bio-chemistry and physics, I studied Illustration/Comics at the Ceruleum School of Visual Arts until June 2013. Several mandates followed, in this case illustrations for the Loterie Romande (, storyboarding for Dargaud and graphic design and lettering for Raspoutine.

MY BOOKS (french)

- Secteur Locle | collectif A L’HEURE DU LOCLE | Ville du Locle
- La petite chapardeuse | tome 1 : Cohabitation | Fairy Publishing
- Envie de Miel | collectif ENVIES D’AILLEURS | Editions du Chat
- Port-folio érotique | Editions Raspoutine | septembre 2015

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